We share the French way of life with You !

Graduated from the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Sophie deeply loves France and the French way of life.
It is therefore not surprising that in 2005, she created the brand So French.
So French was believing in practicing a Fair trade business with a civic approach selling traditional and essential French products on the “Ile Saint Louis” in the heart of Paris.
In 2009, Sophie started to work on building a platform to share her knowledge of the French know-how and her best addresses and now she realizes digital city guides to invite everyone into a So French lifestyle.
Today So French wants to become the reference in the selection of the most famous addresses in France. The brand thus spotlights what enhances the heritage of our regions and allows travelers to discover the best of each destination in just a few days.

So French selects for you essential experiences that will awaken your 5 senses.
The opportunity to taste, breathe, experience workshops and better understand the French way of life



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